Human Tissue Tracking

Track bone and tissue implants in the cloud with QSight.

Digital Tissue Management - No More Logbooks

Tracking bone and tissue implants require more record-keeping than other products used by hospitals. Documenting chain of custody with manual, paper-bound logbook entries, populating regulatory details, and tracing multiple data points to keep patients safe places demands on clinicians’ time–time that could be spent providing patient care.

Ensuring safety, reliability, and convenience

QSight users have the ability to upload manufacturer IFUs, Tissue Bank Accreditation/ License, and more. Easily populate required details including inspection, temperature, tissue preparation materials, and implanting physician.

Regulatory Compliance
QSight makes meeting the regulations of The Joint Commission, AATB, the FDA, and others easier by digitizing information and using it to create required logs that can be accessed with just a few keystrokes.
Visibility Into Your Inventory
With an intuitive user interface and easy-to-use dashboards, QSight enables you to access at-a-glance inventory levels of tissue implants, stock below par, backorders, recall alerts, and other important information. With just a few clicks, you can get product-specific information and even order implants.
Integrates with Your Systems
QSight easily integrates with your existing systems, including your Materials Management Information Systems (MMIS), Operating Room Information System (ORIS), and Admission, discharge, and transfer system (ADT) systems, to provide a seamless experience. With direct integration to your Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution, there is no toggling back and forth during a procedure, and you can easily tie implant information directly to the patient’s record.

Decrease Risk and Support Compliance

Benefit from automated processes that empower data-driven decisions.

Reduce Manual Errors
Precise charging through barcode scanning minimizes errors.
Support Patient Safety
Automatic alerts notify you of expiring and recalled products.
Improve Regulatory Compliance
Staff is automatically notified of expiring product allowing for proactive management.
Clinical Record Integration
QSight integrates with your existing systems, enabling data-driven decisions.

How it works

With QSight, tracking tissue inventory becomes as easy as Scan, Match, Track.

Use a simple hand-held scanner to scan the barcode of tissue implants.
The information is matched up to our database to provide critical product information.
From the initial inspection at the dock to final disposition upon patient implantation, QSight provides a full chain of custody tracking, with the information available right at your fingertips.
“QSight supports the chain of custody documentation and provides bi-directional traceability for bone and tissue implants.”
Debra Mraz, Tissue & Transfusion Safety Officer, Yale New Haven Hospital

QSight is HITRUST Certified

Owens & Minor is committed to managing cybersecurity risk and protecting sensitive information. That’s why we went through the rigorous process of getting QSight HITRUST certified. HITRUST certification affirms that Owens & Minor is appropriately managing cyber risk through key security controls and good cybersecurity hygiene. It gives you peace of mind knowing QSight adheres to the highest standards for cybersecurity and data protection.

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